MAUD Guidance


If you encounter any problems with the tutorial, please feel free to contact our support team via email at
We will try to get back to you within 24 hours.

Enter and enable contact data and vehicle data

Step 1: My Data Vault - contact data → profile and address
MAUD contact-data

Profile: Enter title, gender and date of birth

Adress: Enter country, city and post code

Step 2: My Data Vault – Vehicles

a) Select Add Automobile

b) Enter car data

b1) Vehicle details → Vehicle identification → Enter data fields Vehicle identification number (VIN) and registration number

b2) Vehicle details → manufacturer → Enter data fields make, model and model year

b3) Vehicle details → Engine details → Enter data field Vehicle engine type

c) Enter and unlock registration

enter and unlock registration

c1) Registration → Enter data field Registration certification number

c2) Registration → Authority details → Enter country and city

d) Vehicle generated data

vehicle generated data

Vehicle generated data  Access restrictions for trip data → Allow access to data fields

(If you want to participate in the marketplace and have a premium membership, we recommend that you enable these data fields)

Step 3: Verification

My Marketplace → My verification status

  1. Data protection and terms and conditions → click “confirm”
  2. Data accuracy and relevance → click confirm”
  3. Connected account → click „Connect with stripe“
    • Follow procedure in stripe (Redirect to Stripe website)
    • Accept payments from MyAutoData GmbH
    • Enter data fields country, mobile number and e-mail and click “next”
    • You will receive an SMS with a code that is needed for the verification of your Stripe account
  4. Personal detailsAccept entries or enter data if these have not previously been entered in MAUD
  5. Company detailsCompany website Enter 
  6. Select account for withdrawals → Enter currency, country of bank account and IBAN
  7. Check details → Click „Done“ → (Automatic redirect to My Marketplace, My Verification)
verifiy vehicle

8.  Click on “Verify”

In the following pop-up window, please be sure to upload a clearly legible photo of the opened vehicle registration document

important upload note
upload vehicle registration certificate

9.  Click “Submit”

Fixed Cost Analysis

1. General overview

Query Centre → Fixed Cost Analysis

  • Insurance
  • Tax
  • Leasing
  • Financing
  • Ownership cost
MAUD fixed cost analysis
2. Necessary data fields
a) Insurance

My Data Vault: Vehicles → Insurance  Payment information Total insurance premium amount

MAUD total insurance amount
b) Tax

My Data Vault: Vehicles → Registration  Tax Details  Amount

MAUD car tax amount
c) Leasing

(If the car was purchased via leasing)

My Data Vault: Vehicles  Leasing  Amount per month

MAUD car leasing amount per month
d) Financing

(If the car was purchased via financing)

My Data Vault: Vehicles  Financing → Financing Details  Start date and Expiry date

MAUD car financing start date and expiry date

My Data Vault: Vehicles  Financing → Financing Details  Amount per month

MAUD car financing amount per month
e) Ownership cost

The cost that are selected for your time period are calculated:

Required data fields:

  • Tax
  • Insurance

Optional data fields if applicable:

  • Financing
  • Leasing

Upgrade to Premium

Step 1: Click on "Upgrade now" in the dashboard
premium upgrade
Step 2: Select Premium (yearly) or Premium Monthly
premium selection
Step 3: Selection of payment by credit card or SEPA

After payment is completed, the premium membership is ready. Have fun with MAUD – Premium!

MAUD-Connect App

Important notes for the use of the app:
  • Position the cell phone in a non-slip manner after activating the MAUD-Connect app and before starting the journey.
  • As required by law, the operation of the cell phone while driving is prohibited and MyAutoData GmbH assumes no liability

Requirements of the use of the app (absolutely necessary):

  1. Mobile phone with data plan
  2. GPS-location enabled in the mobile phone
  3. Bluetooth activated
Step 1: Plug MAUD-Adapter into OBD socket

It is typically located on the driver’s side on the left below the dashboard in the footwell (see reference image).

If you need extra information: How do I find the socket in my vehicle ?

MAUD obd socket position
Step 2: Download and open MAUD Connect App
Get MAUD Connect App
Step 3: Location "always allowed"

The app needs your permission to identify the driving route.

Location instruction – When opening the app for the first time, please select the following:

iOS (iPhone)

  1. Allow when using the app
  2. Select “always allowed”


  1. Swipe down from the top-edge of the display
  2. Keep pressed location gedrückt. If location is not shown:
    1. Click on edit ✎ or settings ⚙. Drag location in to the quick settings.
  3. Click on app permission
  4. Choose Access always allowed
Step 4: Login Instruction
MAUD Connect App Login

Enter here the same login-data as at

Step 5: Connect vehicle with OBD adapter
MAUD Connect App Connect
  1. Start engine 
  2. Select bluetooth symbol


The app then automatically connects with the OBD adapter

Step 6: Trip reason, driver
MAUD Connect App Settings

Trip Reason:

  • Private: Ride serves a private purpose
  • Business: Ride serves a business purpose (e.g. drive to work)


Driver: Choose, who does the drive

Remember my choice: default setting until next change

Important Note: If trips are made by the spouse or child, they must use their own cell phones with their own MAUD Connect app! Otherwise, the driving data would be mixed with each other and therefore unusable! However, the access data for the login are always identical with those of the vehicle owner (Main)

Step 7: Check odometer, start and end trip

Before the very first trip, take the mileage from the car’s odometer and enter it into the app.

After several trips, sporadically check whether the mileage in the vehicle still matches that in the app. If necessary, correct the mileage in the app before starting the trip.
To do that: Type in the new number and click „Change“ → a blue frame around the mileage indicates that the change has been made.

Start trip:

Recording starts automatically as soon as the vehicle is in motion.
Display: „Trip on xxx started“.

After that, the display automatically changes to “Recording trip data” which means that the trip is currently being recorded.

End trip:

Optional automatic or manual:

  1. Automatic: 2 minutes after the engine is switched off
  2. Manual: Click “Stop recording trip” before switching off the motor!

Daraufhin wird die Fahrt automatisch beendet und in dem System gespeichert

Feld: „Trip on car was recorded“

MAUD Connect App Fahrt starten und beenden
Step 7: Show trips in MyAutoData

Login at einloggen. My Data Vault: Vehicles → Select vehicle → click on Vehicle generated data