About us

Welcome to MyAutoData (MAUD)

Here everything revolves around the data treasure of your vehicles and how you can leverage it quickly and easily. Every car and motorcycle provides countless data that is worth their weight in gold! As an independent platform, we help you to convert this data legally and individually into cash. In addition, you save valuable time and benefit from tailored offers around your vehicles.

How did it all begin?

Not really with a brilliant idea, but actually from a dissatisfaction of our founder Manfred Heiss. He wanted to merge the data around his vehicles (a car plus motorbike) that was distributed across numerous paper files into a central place and became annoyed, because he couldn’t find a solution that gave him quick access and helped save valuable time.

Therefore, he decided to take this into his own hands. Of course, a solution was supposed to be electronic and digital, however, first attempts to implement this with Excel in the cloud were not really promising.

In search of better solutions and after many talks with family and friends, Manfred soon realized that he was not the only one with this problem. So, he decided to develop a software where also friends and family can store their vehicle data. Without further ado, he simply called it “Meine Autodaten”, which translates into “MyAutoData” or abbreviated “MAUD”. As experienced software manager in the automotive industry (Manfred worked for BMW and Oracle) he had gained the necessary know-how to succeed.

It didn’t take long until the desire came up to leverage this data. However, everyone for himself and absolutely individually. This gave birth to the idea to simply follow the example of numerous big companies: they make lots of money with our data – even though they are not the legal owners. The fact that we are actually the legal owners of our data is not just confirmed by the GDPR, but also raised the need for self-administration.

As owners, we know ourselves best when and if we need something for our vehicles, e.g. new tires, a visit to the garage for an oil change, a new insurance or maybe even a new car/motorbike. This led to the idea of simply reversing the current B2C practice into a C2B practice. It means: If we need something, we simply request it from the companies directly and online. They therefore save themselves huge advertising and administration costs. We save ourselves a lot of time and even benefit from attractive prices.

What is our vision?

From a solution for friends and family, MAUD has finally emerged. We want to offer private vehicle owners worldwide the opportunity to manage their data in a protected environment and in a self-determined way to benefit from the same advantages as the founders.

What do we aim to achieve?

The time for rethinking and acting has come. We aim to trigger a change of mind in all vehicle owners and automotive related companies. To achieve this, we are establishing a new and fair business practice that is no longer determined by companies, but where everyone wins. The faster we grow together, and the more people and companies participate, the greater will be our joint success.

Who is MAUD?

The core team consists of enthusiastic car and motorcycle enthusiasts who, with full vigor, commitment and enthusiasm, ensure that all MAUD members and MAUD partner companies are always treated fairly and honestly and that their data is never passed on to “data kraken”. We pledge our word on that!

Manfred Heiss

Manfred H. Heiss

Manfred Heiss is founder, CEO and shareholder of MyAutoData. During his international professional career, he has led large software and automotive projects for renowned corporations such as BMW and Oracle, where he gained extensive leadership experience. He is also an author for the Stiftung Datenschutz (Data Protection Foundation). In his spare time, Manfred enjoys playing golf or doing a few laps on his motorbike. He is also committed to the protection of animals. Manfred has been married for many years and has a son who lives with his family in the USA.

Andreas Keck

Andreas Keck is CMO, shareholder and member of the MyAutoData management team. “Andy” looks back on many years of professional experience, where he also worked successfully for many years in the automotive industry, mainly for BMW as a marketing expert, communications architect and networker. In his role as CMO, he contributes important know-how in campaigning, social media and direct marketing. As the current Chairman of the Board of the German Mittelstand e.V., Andy also brings along a helpful network.

Andreas Keck
Hans-Peter Seifermann

Hans-Peter Seifermann

Hans-Peter Seifermann is co-founder and shareholder of MyAutoData. His entire professional life has been shaped by the automotive industry and working on modern IT solutions at EDS. Since spring 2018, he has been supporting Manfred in setting up MAUD, contributing ideas and using his international network. Hans-Peter has lived with his family in the beautiful Palatinate for over 20 years and is an enthusiastic racing cyclist.