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MAUD in 60 seconds explained !

What do I get from MAUD?

Vehicle owners can unlock their data at any time for monetization, but also to obtain tailored offers for vehicle-related products and services, and always receive 50% of the access fees.

Btw: MAUD is the abbreviation of MyAutoData, a software developed by consumers for consumers who want to digitise and manage their data from and around their vehicles in a self-determined way and store it securely in a personal data vault.

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What does the MAUD Data Vault offer me?

In the personal MAUD data vault, vehicle owners can manage their data themselves and store it absolutely securely.

Vehicle costs and vehicle use can be quickly analyzed and even forecast at any time over a freely definable period at the touch of a button. And much more that saves time and money!

How do I benefit from the MAUD Marketplace?

The MAUD Marketplace is the hub for all those who want to monetise their data or obtain, compare and order personalised offers from automotive-related companies (insurance companies, workshops, dealers, tyre services, leasing companies, etc.) quickly at the touch of a button.

MAUD Community

The MAUD Community - even more ideas for your car

The MAUD Community is the place for all vehicle enthusiasts who want to talk about their vehicles with like-minded people in a private atmosphere.

But it is also the ideal place to exchange opinions with vehicle owners who already drive such a vehicle before buying a new or used car.

How do I generate sustainable income with MAUD?

  • Simply by permanently unlocking individual or all data for market research or market analyses.
  • Companies benefit from the variety, reliability, quality and price of your data with perfect legal security.
  • You always remain the master of your data – the more you unlock, the higher the potential to generate revenue.

How the media in Germany reacted to the MAUD concept

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The MAUD Dashboard

The MAUD Dashboard in action

The MAUD Dashboard offers everything worth knowing, as well as the daily news ticker of the oldest car magazine AUTOCAR, at a glance and not only allows quick access, but also shortens navigation to all important functions.

We are a Start-up that runs at full throttle

Several thousand vehicle owners have already registered with their vehicles – only you are still missing!

We will only have reached our goal, however, when we have also won you over to MAUD!

Our aim is to be the best and most secure platform for your vehicle data.

Use your data treasure and join us on our journey!

MAUD Milestones

Would you like more information? With pleasure!

Here you capture, digitise and manage the data relating to your vehicles (up to 15) completely independently and self-determined. Your data is distributed across several different databases and stored in encrypted form. Data is always personal and confidential and we treat it as such. No one else has access to it, not even with your consent! This is the only way to protect your data from cyber attacks. Of course, you yourself always have access to it (e.g. insurance data, workshop invoices, etc.) as long as you have an active internet connection, regardless of whether it is your smartphone, tablet or desktop computer.

The data vault also offers you a lot of free features and functions that make your life easier and help you save time and money.  For one thing, there are a number of cost analyses and a cost forecast that you can quickly call up at the touch of a button. This helps you get a better grip on your vehicle costs and gives you an up-to-date overview of what your vehicle is actually costing you. You determine the time period yourself, from a year to an hour or per kilometre, everything is possible. On the other hand, there is our digital assistant that reminds you in good time of important dates, e.g. the next MOT appointment. This protects you from possible late fees! Last but not least, we also do something for your convenience. All phone numbers that you save in MAUD, e.g. those of your insurance company, garage or spouse, can be dialed here at the touch of a button.

But the best comes last. If you wish, you can individually unlock all or individual data fields and participate in the MAUD Marketplace after verifying your vehicle. No matter whether you unlock data for market analyses or obtain comparative offers (e.g. a new set of winter tyres) at the push of a button, you will always be paid for access to your unlocked data and receive 50 percent of it.

Unabhängig von der Art der Mitgliedschaft bieter der MAUD Marktplatz allen Mitgliedern die Möglichkeit mit den eigenen Daten Einkünfte zu generieren, entweder durch Freischaltung aller oder individueller Datenfelder für die Marktforschung oder durch Bereitschtellung der Daten im Rahmen von Interessensanfragen nach maßgeschneiderten Angeboten für Produkte und Dienstleistungen rund um’s Fahrzeug, (z.B. KFZ-Versicherung, Fahrzeugservice, Pannenhilfe, Reifenservice, Fahrzeugzulassung, aber auch Neu- und Gebrauchtfahrzeuge, u.v.m.).

Wir drehen damit den Spieß herum und schaffen mit dem MAUD Marktplatz ein neues digitales Bindeglied für automobilnahe Unternehmen und dem Endkunden. Im Gegensatz zu heute wird dieser von Verbrauchern gesteuert, die bereits wissen was sie wollen und das gezielt von den Unternehmen anfragen!

Daraus ergibt sich eine Win/Win-Situation für Unternehmen wie Verbraucher. Unternehmen sparen hohe Werbekosten, weil sie nicht erst nach neuen Kunden suchen müssen und Verbraucher erhalten auf Knopfdruck direkt auf ihre Belange zugeschnittene Angebote. Diese können sofort online verglichen und beauftragt werden. Auf der Suche nach einem geeigneten Dienstleister wird also kostbare Zeit gespart, wo man normalerweise erst stundenlang “googeln” müsste und erhält  nebenbei immer das attraktivste Angebot.

This is the ideal place for all vehicle owners who would like to exchange information on a personal level without the entire community finding out. Owners of classic cars look here specifically for people who own the same vehicle as they do in order to exchange information, for example, about where to get a special spare part that has not been produced for a long time. This saves time and money and, on top of that, you have made a nice contact.

But the community is also an excellent source for potential buyers of new and used cars to get neutral and objective information about the new vehicle before the actual consultation with the seller, e.g. about its practicality, actual consumption or reliability. In this case, you simply search for members who are already driving the vehicle of your choice, ask for networking and thus come to the sales talk at the dealer well prepared.

Note: No data stored in MAUD can be exchanged via the community!

How the media react to the MAUD concept

You want to know more about what the press is saying about us?

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