Model Project Mobility Strategy Bad Hersfeld

Together with the multi-award-winning municipality and Smart City Bad Hersfeld, a pilot project was recently launched to collect real driving habits that will serve as a reliable base for a new master mobility strategy.

Project participants are voluntary citizens of Bad Hersfeld who use the MAUD technology to record their journeys themselves and make them available to the city anonymously and in strict compliance with the European Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Of particular interest are the real costs of a trip, the generated Co2 emission in kilograms and the driven routes.

For each quiry by the city, the participants receive an immediate payment for the provision of their data, which can add up to a capped amount of 200 EUR over the course of the 3-month project duration.

In the article of the Osthessen News there are more details about the model project with Bad Hersfeld.


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